Turkish soups

In Turkey soup is the most popular dish of the tables for lunch and dinner, as well as for breakfast in many regions. Pronounced as "chorba" (çorba in Turkish), it's served as a starter during meals.

There are more than 300 kinds of soup in the Turkish cuisine. Soups can be consumed any time of the day in Turkey and may be served hot or cold depending on the recipe and ingredients. And if a soup is accompanied by plenty of Turkish bread, it can be sufficient for a meal.

Turkish Soups are usually named after their main ingredient and are made in various ways. The basic ingredient of the Turkish soup is sweet or sour yoghurt but other common natural ingredients are lentils, wheat, corn flour and milk, meat pieces, chicken, vegetables or cereals, tripe, and fish. The most common and renown soups in Turkish cuisine are: Tarhana (mashed wheat) soup, Mercimek (green or red lentils) soup, Ezo Gelin (bulgur and red lentils) soup, Yuvalama soup, Yayla soup, Ayran Asi (yoghurt) soup, Iskembe (tripe) soup, Karalahana (black cabbage) soup, Chicken soup with Vermicelli, Cream of tomato soup, Anchovy soup, Helle soup, Mackerel soup, Mantar (mushroom) soup with yoghurt, Mushroom and tomato soup, Bamya (okra) soup, Potato soup, Red bean soup, Thimble soup, Toyga soup, Rubbed noodle soup, Guli soup, Sour soup, String bean soup with yogurt, Eriste (home-made thin noodles) soup, Spinach soup, Sebze (vegetable) soup, Pastry soup, Farmer's soup, Wedding soup, Asiran soup, Arabasi soup, Tandir (meat) soup, Kelle Paca (boiled cow or sheep's head and/or feet). Kelle Paca and Iskembe (tripe) soups are considered as Delicacy soups. Tripe soup is the best remedy for alcohol hangover and Kelle Paca can also be consumed as a meal itself.

Turkish soup recipes