Yayla soup

Yogurt soup
Ingredients Measure Amount
Rice 1/3 cups 60 grams
Water 4 cups 800 grams
Salt 2 teaspoons 12 grams
Flour 3 tablespoons 18 grams
Yogurt 1 2/3 cups 360 grams
Egg 1 50 grams
Butter or margarine 4 tablespoons 40 grams
Mint 1½ tablespoons 20 grams

Servings: 6

Yogurt Soup - Yayla SoupPreparation:
Wash the rice and place in a saucepan together with water and salt and cook for about 30 minutes, until tender. Blend the flour into yogurt in a separate dish, break in the egg, mix and warm the mixture by adding a couple of spoon full of the hot soup. Gradually add the yogurt mix to the saucepan, stirring continuously and keep stirring until it comes to boil and then cook for 10 minutes. Melt the butter or margarine in a pan, add the mint, stir a couple of times and remove from heat and slowly sprinkle over the soup.

Nutritional Value (in approximately one serving):
Energy 137 cal, Protein 4.0 g, Fat 7.4 g, Carbohydrates 13.5 g, Calcium 79 mg, Iron 0.26 mg, Phosphorus 83 mg, Zinc 1 mg, Sodium 824 mg, Vitamin A 214 iu, Thiamine 0.04 mg, Riboflavin 0.12 mg, Niacin 0.26 mg, Vitamin C - mg, Cholesterol 49 mg.

Notes: Yayla soup is made in all regions of Turkey. Literal translation of its name means "the soup of the high plateaus". In the old days when there were no refrigerators it was difficult to keep milk fresh therefore it was turned into yogurt as soon as possible. Plateaus were cool and consequently the best yogurt could be found in these high plateaus. Hence the name of this yogurt based soup comes from this story.