Tevfik Fikret

1867 - 1915

Tevfik Fikret was a great Turkish poet during the late Ottoman period. His real personality in poetry emerged when he became the literary editor of the "Servet-i Fünun" journal. Fikret, while at first writing romantic lyrical poems, made a sharp turn towards social issues after 1908 and the acceptance of the Constitution. His poems called "Sis" (Fog) and "Bir lahza-i Teehhür" tell us about the repressive regime of the Abdülhamit days. "Tarih-i Kadim" on the other hand is constructed with lines which tell about religious pressures and a wish to destroy reactionary attitudes.

After the establishment of the constitutional system in Ottoman Government, he published the paper "Tanin" with another famous journalist Hüseyin Cahit. His poem "Sis" was published in its first issue. He published "Haluk'un Cevabi" (Haluk's Answer) in 1911, which was followed by "Sermin". He also published a magazine for children called "Ümit ve Azim". Fikret who was an outspoken person instantly revolting against injustice, died on August 19, 1915. His grave is at Asiyan park on the Bosphorus, on the European shores of Istanbul. His home is now a museum and a Tevfik Fikret Association is also established. His poetry is collected in a volume titled "Rübab-i Sikeste".