Van cats

Van catThe Turkish Van cat has developed in the area around Lake Van in Turkey. Around the city of Van they still walk around free. Van is the capital of a province in eastern Turkey, on the shore of a great lake famous for its Island of Akdamar; a high town in an oasis. In every way the region of Van is honored. The inhabitants speak proudly of Lake Van, Van cheese, Van silverwork and ... the Van cat! The Turkish Van is known as a very social cat. They are renowned for their beauty, but also for their habit of swimming. A Turkish Van has a semi-longhaired auburn white coat, but with a pattern that is very rare with cats: the auburn color is restricted to areas around the ears and the tail.

They are very social cats. They want to be with their owner all the time. They play a lot, even when they are older. When they play, they do things first and think about it later. So if you don't have a sense of humor, choose another breed. Turkish Vans seems to have more feelings then most cats (some literature mention that cats have no feelings at all, but this doesn't count for the Van), they can be happy, sour, moody, caring, etc.. If you play with them and give them attention they thanks you for that by climbing on your shoulders and by giving you hugs. They are all great personalities, even as kittens! In Turkey they breed, what they call the real Turkish Van; a white cat (no markings at all) with one blue and one amber eye. Despite this all white, odd-eyed Van cat (the famous Kedi), all over the world the Van cat is recognized as an auburn white cat!

Typical properties of the breed: Striking appearance, Graceful, Strong, Lively, Very affectionate. They molt extensively during the summer.

Character: Alert, Impetuous, Naughty, Very sweet.

Apart of Van cats, there are also beautiful and typical Shepherd Dogs in all around Anatolia.