Kenan Evren

Alasehir 1917 - Ankara 2015

Kenan EvrenKenan Evren was born on 17th of July 1917 in Alasehir town of Manisa. After his primary and secondary education, he was graduated from Maltepe Military High School in Istanbul (in 1983 the school was transfered to Izmir, and then shut down in 2016 after the coup attemp). After Maltepe he was gratuated from the Military Academy, and finally from the Staff College in 1949 becoming an artillery staff officer. Evren served in Korea between 1958 - 1959, then became a brigadier general in 1964 and climbed the steps of the high command posts until he became the Chief of General Staff in 1978.

Kenan Evren was the leader general of the coup d'etat on 12th of September 1980, assuming the functions of the Head of State. After a two year military rule and the adoption of the Constitution by public referendum, Kenan Evren became the 7th President of Turkey in 1982. His term ended on 9th of November 1989 and Turgut Özal succeeded him. After his retirement, he was setled in Marmaris town where he passed his time making oil paintings.

Kenan Evren died on 9th of May 2015 at the age of 98, during his treatment at the hospital in Ankara. He was married and had 3 children.