Halide Edip Adivar

1884 - 1964

The renown novelist of the Turkish literature who was one of the heroes of the national independence movement, Halide Edip Adivar has written stories which could penetrate to the depths of human soul and which could excite the reader.

She has proven herself as an analytical novelist which could effectively bring to life exceptional female characters who are sometimes hurt when faced with the eternal power of love and passion situations which also push the stories forward, but who never bend. This is seen particularly in "Seviye Talib" published in 1909, "Raik'in Annesi" (1910) and "Handan" (1912). She has also proven with her novel "Son Eseri", published in 1912 that she was a master of creating characters who are equipped with an unfailing love of art, and who posses an infinite source of excitement. She started publishing the paper Yeni Turan in the same year.

Her most famous works are "Sinekli Bakkal", "Vurun Kahpeye", "Kalp Agrisi" and "Zeyno'nun Oglu".