1483 - 1556

Fuzuli was one of the most famous and greatest poets of Turkish literature from 15th-16th century. His real name was Muhammed Suleyman Oglu and was born in Karbala, presently in Iraq. Fuzuli, who had a perfect knowledge of Turkish, Arabic and Persian, the three great Eastern languages of the time, has written his collected poems (Divan) in three different languages. Besides his "Kaside", each being a monument, he has given us the best and the most sensitive examples of lyrical Turkish poetry, "Layla ile Majnun", written in Azeri-Turkish. This famous love and pain "Mesnevi", which is considered to be the most important work of Fuzuli, occupies a special place among the work on the theme of these tragic and legendary lovers by numerous Turkish and Persian poets. In his work titled "Hadikad-üs- Sueda" he describes the tragedy of Kerbela which is an extremely sad incident of the Islamic history. This literary piece is one of the best works produced in Turkish. He also has numerous other works of importance which influenced many poets up to the 19th century.