Turkish Pastry

Borek pastry with cheeseTurkish Borek is thinly rolled pastry, often the paper-sheet thin variety known as phyllo (yufka in Turkish), which is wrapped around various savory fillings or arranged in layers. The myriad types of börek are unmatched delicacies when cooked to perfection in the Turkish cuisine. Boreks can be fried, baked, cooked on a griddle or boiled. Preferred fillings are cheese, minced meat, spinach and potatoes.

There are different names and types of Turkish börek. In the form of rolls filled with cheese or minced meat mixtures and fried, böreks are known as "Sigara (cigarette) boregi". Other varieties are; Su boregi, Boshnak boregi, Kol boregi, Talash boregi, Pachanga boregi, Gul boregi, Cig borek, Kürt (Kurdish) boregi, Tepsi boregi, and so on.

Traditionally it was said that no girl should marry until she had mastered the art of börek making. Böreks should be light and crisp, without a trace of excess oil. It's one of the most traditional pastry dishes in Turkey that can be eaten any time of the day from breakfast to dinner, either as a main dish, appetizer, or snack.