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The Hittite Kings

In some of the historic sources it's said that Hattusili I was the founder of the Hittite Kingdom. But according to the Telipinu decree, king Labarna captured various parts of Anatolia way before Hattusili I. In early-Hittite period there wasn't a strong state rule. During this period, there were also the Hattis and the Luwis were ruling state-cities besides the Hittites.

After the first capitals Kusshara and Nesha, Hattusha (Bogazkoy) became the capital of the Hittites during the reign of Hattusili I in the 17th century BC where he built a huge palace. The Hittite kings ruled Anatolia for about 5 centuries. Dates in the below table are approximate and are related to the "middle chronology".

Pithana?early 18th c. BC
Anittason of Pithanamid 18th c. BC
Labarnafirst known Hittite king1680-1650 BC
Hattusili Inephew/adopted son of Labarna1650-1620 BC
Mursili Igrandson/adopted son of Hattusili I1620-1590 BC
Hantiliassassin and brother-in-law of Mursili I1590-1560 BC
Zidanta Ison-in-law of Hantili1560-1550 BC
Ammunason of Hantili1550-1530 BC
Huzziya Ison of Ammuna?1530-1525 BC
Telipinuson of Zidanta I?/brother-in-law of Ammuna1525-1500 BC
Alluwamnason-in-law of Huzziya I?
Hantili IIson of Alluwamna1500-1450 BC
Zidanta II??
Huzziya II??
Muwatalli Iassansin of Huzziya II?
Tudhaliya IIson of Huzziya II?1450-1420 BC
Arnuwanda Ison-in-law of Tudhaliya II1420-1400 BC
Tudhaliya IIIson of Arnuwanda I1400-1380 BC
Tudhaliyason of Tudhaliya III1380? BC
Hattusili II??
Suppiluliuma Ison of Tudhaliya III or Hattusili II1380-1340 BC
Arnuwanda IIson of Suppiluliuma I1340-1339 BC
Mursili IIson of Suppiluliuma I1339-1306 BC
Muwatalli IIson of Mursili II1306-1282 BC
Mursili IIIson of Muwatalli II1282-1275 BC
Hattusili IIIson of Mursili II1275-1250 BC
Tudhaliya IVson of Hattusili III1250-1220 BC
Karuntason of Muwatalli/cousin of Tudhaliya IV?
Arnuwanda IIIson of Tudhaliya IV1220-1215 BC
Suppiluliuma IIson of Tudhaliya IV1215-1200 BC

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